Fan On The Run

Fan On The Run

I got a great email today that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Back in April I wrote a column for espnW about turning your baseball team”s successes into personal motivators. Inspired by the MasterCard “Priceless Chicago” campaign, which rewards Cubs fans for pledging support for their team, I took a pledge of my own:

“I decided to use the Cubs pledge as a motivational tool. For the last few months I”ve wanted to get back on a regular running regimen but haven”t been able to get motivated. Running used to be one of my main sources of exercise, but after straining a muscle behind my knee, I took it out of my workouts and never really got back to it in earnest.

In an effort to reclaim my status as a runner, I will pledge an offseason mile for each of the Cubs wins. So if the Cubs win 75 games, I”ll have to log 75 miles between the end of their season and Opening Day 2013. Now for the marathoners out there, 75 miles over a few months may not sound like much, but to me a couple miles every few days sounds like a perfect way to reintroduce myself to the treadmill.

The Cubs are slogging through one of their worst seasons ever (49-79) so I shouldn”t have too much trouble keeping my promise over the offseason. Five miles a day a few times a week and I”ll be done in no time. Maybe next year I should pledge a mile for each Cubs loss.But I digress.

Reader Jennifer was inspired by my post and, despite being a fan of the rival White Sox, decided to follow my lead. Here”s the email she sent me today.

Thank you
In january of this year I couldn”t run a BLOCK without stopping. Then I read your column about running a mile for every cubs win. Well as a Sox fan I said – hey I can do that too, that”s a way to get into shape. As you know, the Sox are doing very well so I”m running a lot but have switched gears. Now I”m training to run my first 5k in September (AIDS run). But I did want to say “thank you” for the inspiration. Your column is more than just enjoyable – it”s inspiring.

The Sox have definitely kept Jennifer moving–they”ve already won 71 games this year. It was so great to hear that my pledge inspired someone else to get moving, and hearing that Jennifer is going from not running at all to taking on a 5k makes me want to step up my game, as well.

Thanks for the note, Jennifer, and good luck with the race!