Peace For Pits

Sarah is passionate about helping rescue dogs. Her favorite organization, Peace For Pits, is a rescue group that focuses on finding loving, caring homes for “bully” breeds in need of help. Many of these dogs come from facilities across the Midwest, arriving as a stray or being surrendered by their owners. Sarah and her husband, Brad, worked with Peace For Pits to rescue their pitbull mix, Banks, and have fostered three other Peace For Pits dogs, helping them find forever homes. 


Sarah is on the auxiliary board for Embarc, a three-year program that provides community-driven, experienced-based learning opportunities to low-income Chicago high school students, to inspire and prepare them for college and career success. There are some powerful systems in place that prevent students from succeeding – violence, segregation, institutionalized racism, poverty, and underfunded schools and programs. By supplying students with myriad positive models of success and helping them to journey out of their neighborhoods to directly engage with the cultural and commercial worlds in our city, Embarc lays out the practical steps necessary for students to thrive.

Hear The Cheers

Sarah and her mentee, high schooler Eliza Peters of Geneva, IL, founded Hear The Cheers in 2013 to help young Chicago and Geneva-area athletes get the hearing aids and equipment they need to compete. Hear The Cheers, in partnership with Chicago Hearing Society (CHS), has raised $120,000 for kids in need.