Sarah Spain: The Sweetheart of Chicago Sports

Sarah Spain: The Sweetheart of Chicago Sports

With enough athletic ability to make Bo Jackson jealous, an ever-increasing role at ESPN and an infectious personality, Sarah Spain has become the sweetheart of Chicago sports.

After fine-tuning her talents as a host, actor, writer and associate producer in Los Angeles for six years, Sarah moved back to the Chicago area in 2008 to report and write about the teams she grew up loving. Since then, she has become the top female writer for Chicago sports and a fan-favorite anchor and co-host for ESPN 1000.

The reason behind her success is simple: She is a ridiculously talented fan.

It’s no secret that Chicago folk are passionate about their sports teams. And, in most cases, they are quite open about their feelings towards a specific player, coach or team. Everyone’s a critic, everyone has an opinion and they all know exactly what they’re talking about. So, naturally, it becomes difficult to filter out fact from fiction.

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